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Flatulent Footwear

A footwear company is suing a supplier over supplying inferior glycerin, which resulted in air bubbles in the insoles, leading to farting shoes. Now, really, I can’t believe they didn’t make lemons into lemonade with this. If you can’t sell farting shoes, you should fire your entire marketing department.
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Vonage? Probably Not.

So, since I finally have a respectable broadband pipe to my house, I was planning on getting Vonage’s service set up. Using the cell phone is kind of a pain for long calls (even under good circumstances, you get voice quality problems from time to time), and I can’t really tie up our home phone line too much when I work from home. I know that there are a lot of similar services out there (AT&T’s Callvantage, Packet 8, Broadvoice, Lingo, etc.) but Vonage had my mindshare. They were the first real player in the field. They were Jeff Pulver’s
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