Vonage: Customer Service Reponds

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You may recall my Vonage rant a while back. I sent them mail to clarify the situation at that time, but didn’t hear back. (In the interim, I’ve settled on Delta Three’s iconnecthere service).

Almost two months after I sent my query to Vonage Customer Service asking about the activation, shipping, and termination charges, I finally got two responses. Taken together, they fall into the “heart is in the right place, but head is up their ass” category. Compare:

Dear Adam,

Thank you for contacting customer care. Please forgive the delay in 

As regards your email, no in the case of a retail activation you would 
not pay an activation fee. Although a termination fee is applied to 
all canceled lines, if you call us and explain the situation most 
agents will waive the fee and refund the charge. 

Thank you,

Nik Drumm
customer care agent
second shift

Then, 11 hours later:

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for contacting Customer Service. I am sorry for any delay in

In response to your email. If you purchase the adapter from a retail 
location, there would be no activation fee, disconnect fee, or shipping 

Thank you for choosing Vonage and I do hope that I have answered your
questions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

Customer Service Representative

So… there is a termination fee? There isn’t one? What? Do these guys even know what they’re doing? I appreciate the snappy seven-week turn-around time on customer care, but the responses don’t give me much confidence.


  1. ben

    Additionally, Vonage is now advertising using popunder adds that defeat the popup controls in Safari. I haven’t checked for the same in Firefox. In any case, it does not increase my desire to buy service from them.

    So, an interesting related thread is, of all SIP based VoIP termination providers, which is the least evil? Both in standards support and market practices?

  2. Nik Drumm


    Was intrigued to see my name in your blog. I am still with Vonage and I Just wanted to take a second to apologize for the poor experience that you had with our customer service, particularly the slow response to you email. For the record, my response was at least correct. Hope your new choice for Voip worked out. If there is ever anything that I can help you with regarding your Vonage Service drop my and email


  3. Leonard Cohen

    When receiving a telephone call the other party says that they no longer hear me, yet I can hear them perfectly. The same holds true when I make the call. Len

  4. Mohammad Khan

    After using Vonage for 2 years, highly unprofessional customer service at the time of Termination request. Vonage almost begged to stay with them, it appeared Vonage is going out of business soon AND I predict Vonage will be out of business very very soon due to their poor, immoral and dishonest services. Finaly another blow thru a charge to my credit card for TERMINATION FEE as following,
    04/05/08, 04/07/08
    VONAGE *PRICE TAXES 866-243-4357 NJ $ 48.42

    I never signed and agreed to know of any Termination Fee as of the above charge. Vonage never mentioned about this Termination Fee at the time of lengthy termination call when they almost begged to stay with them. I will be pursuing this with all necessary forums, word of mouth and BBB etc. to help others.

    I am really disturbed with the services and illegitimate charges by VONAGE.


  5. I have been with Vonage for 2 years and have never had poor customer service. They offer a good product with very reasonable prices. I suggest next time that you call them instead of emailing. I have found that email complaints have tardy responses from most companies unless they think you are going to buy something expensive.

  6. NG,

    If you want to submit a user review of Vonage or any other VoIP service, the best source I’ve found is http://www.consumervoipreview.com. They currently have 150+ user-submitted reviews of the top VoIP providers and are a great source for information if you’re looking for a new service.

  7. Heather

    I tried to cancel my service and, after adding up all the fees, basically learned that it would be cheaper to leave my account active for one year and then cancel. There are termination fees, equipment charges, taxes, etc. Vonage is a total sucker company. I will warn everyone I know against using them. I don’t understand why companies continue to screw people over with fine print and hidden charges. No one appreciates a company like this, no one suggests it to others and it’s a business model that is sure to eventually fail. I would love to see this company, and others like it, sink to the bottom.

  8. Christine

    I just cancelled vonage after a year and a half with them. I do not use my home phone and did not need it any longer. They cancelled the service and went on to explain that they would need to charge a $39.99 termination fee because I was cancelling less than 2 years. I pointed out that their terms of service of their website states that termination fees would only be charged for accounts cancelled before one year of service. They said that was only for accounts after May 2009 (although it says nothing about that in the terms of service). Ridiculous!


  1. Vonage: Customer Service Reponds

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