Interstate Wine Shipments: States Can’t Discriminate

Categories: Beer, Wine and Spirits.

This news article reports on a recent Supreme Court ruling that requires states to be nondiscriminatory in their laws about direct shipment of wine to consumers: if they ban it, they must ban both interstate and intrastate shipments.

While a fifth circuit court of appeals ruling in 2003 allowed Texas residents to have wine shipped to them from out-of-state, many potential customers of Texas wineries remained off-limits due to various states’ direct-shipment laws. So this Supreme Court ruling will help level the playing ground, presumably to the benefit of Texas wineries (especially smaller ones that don’t tend to have distribution channels in other states).


  1. pck

    All I have to say is: “Woohoo”

    OK, just one more thing…let’s see what the state(s) try to do now to screw it up…

  2. ben

    Any thoughts on what this means at the local level in Texas? Specifically, various locales (cities, counties, precints, or whatever) have local rules against the sale and _delivery_ of alchohol. Can wine purchases be shipped to addresses in such dry locales?