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I suspect any of you that’s gonna has seen Serenity by now.

I saw it opening day, and watching the rest of the crowd was almost as fun as watching the movie.
The center section of seats at our local gigantamegaciniplexusrex is 15 seats across. The row in
front of us had 13 males and 2 females seated in it (all of at least college age).
There were also 13 Nintendo DS out and running.

We got there 45 minutes before the show, and this bunch was already seated and in intense competition
of some kind. We had plenty of time to watch this social group in action. At one point, they kicked the
women to the ends of the rows because they needed to be closer together to enrich whatever gaming
experience they were engaged in.

I looked around to see if anyone else was watching this bit of train-wreck and was startled to see that
those 15 were some of the most socially ept people in the building.

I mean – there were people who had quite obviously been torn away from thier 24×7 teletubbie role playing
games and were in early stages of withdrawal. I, I, was one of the most physically fit people
in the room.