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Black Friday: Wal-Mart Roundup

Well, it’s been another thanksgiving, and you know what that means. Friday Morning Wal-Mart Pandemonium. Here’s how it played out this year: Customers were climbing on top of each other to get laptops hurled 20 feet in the air in Orlando. Security guards had to mace crowds in the electronics department in Beaumont. Police were called as customers in Renton, Washington knocked counters out of the way to get to sale items. In New Jersey, over a dozen police officers were called in to quell riots in the electronics department, and police were driven to user pepper spray to subdue
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PC Implosion

Political Correctness will eat itself. And a major retailer apologizes for something, but they’re not sure what. Perhaps they should apologize for trying too hard not to offend? Edit [ABR]: The Yahoo article is gone; presumably Ben is referring to this incident.
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