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GERD: New Outpatient Surgery Options

This has apparently been around for a while (FDA approval was granted in 2003), but it just now caught my attention: there’s a relatively new device used to perform a type of outpatient surgery to fix gastroesophageal reflux, called the Plicator. Studies appear to give it a pretty good success rate (half of the successful participants were completely off heartburn drugs at the one-year mark). It doesn’t sound like too many facilities exist for treatment at this time; however Baylor Dallas does perform such procedures. The process apparently takes between 20 and 45 minutes, and is done under conscious sedation.
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Intel Macs

Steve Announces Intel Mac notebooks, named the “MacBook Pro.” And, yes, it’s on the Apple website. (This is new; I checked shortly after lunch today, and there was no hint…)
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