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SIP Community members change names to Alan

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In the continuing effort to maximize inscrutability, key participants in the SIP community today announced a blanket renaming to “Alan”.

According to Alan Roach, “Almost every conversation I’ve had in the last year or so has been peppered with annoying interjections of ‘which Alan?’ or ‘Alan who?’. These interruptions slow the conversation, often to the point of derailing it”.

Alan Campbell adds “I’ve always felt the legacy-Alans suffered an unfair disadvantage in both written and verbal discussions in the SIP community. This move levels the playing field.”

Alan Camarillo was unavailable for interview, but responded to an initial query e-mail with “I’m not following you”. Other prominent Alans were overheard saying “This is a really dumb idea”, and “That doesn’t bother me at all”.

“Furthermore,” Alan said, “this will help filter out all those crazy ideas that Alan guy keeps proposing.”

Rumors of the formation of the OAIPL (original Alan identity preservation league) have so far been unsubstantiated.


Get out your chapstick

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So, there’s a cold front coming. Figured I’d look at the map.

First thing I notice is El Paso. damn that’s dry – thats like 11% RH.

Then I saw Pheonix.

My skin is still crawling across the room.

The way it was: 2/8/06 10pm CST