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A Very Damp IETF Meeting

I just returned home after a failed attempt to reach the IETF hotel. IETF 65 is planned to take place in the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. Problem is, much of the area between I-35E and the east levee of the Trinity River is flooded this evening. The Anatole is smack dab in the middle of it. I spent several hours probing for routes to the hotel. In a Miata. Dean got in in his monster truck. I tried to follow his route, but the police closed it right before I got through. I did witness some strange things, though. Lots
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Identity is futile

I received a thoughtful letter from a large accounting firm informing me that they had been counting the acquired beans of a former employer of mine and that my personal data (name, home address and SSN), which had been lying around on one of their employee’s laptops minding its own business, had been liberated by a kind soul who had released it from its imprisonment, namely the trunk of the employee’s locked car. Graciously, the accounting firm and former employer had partnered with the holy trinity of credit agencies to provide me, free of charge, a service that would let
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<dr-evil>Two BILLION Degrees!</dr-evil>

Using a setup they term a “Z-Machine,” Sandia Labs has managed to get a bundle of tungsten up above two billion degrees Kelvin. If that’s not enough, it appears that the total power output (in the form of x-rays) from the system is greater than the total power input. They’re not certain what’s going on, but the possibilities for nuclear power generation are intriguing. The Z-Machine in Action; Click for a larger version
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