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High Tech Beer

I saw a reference to this a while back, but just happened back upon it. Guinness is marketing the Guinness Surger, an ultrasonic beer foam generator to give you that perfect Guinness foam at home. At least, if you call the UK home. It appears that it requires a special “Guinness Surger” branded beer. And to further illustrate the differences in beer values across the pond, Miller has licensed the self-chilling can.
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Coca-Cola: Blak

In the continuing battle for soft drink market dominance, both Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola have launched their latest salvos. Dr. Pepper’s is a variation on their (presumably successful) “Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper” — “Diet Rasberry Creme Dr. Pepper” (also available in non-diet). The name pretty much says it all, with the caveat that it takes a sensitive palette to distinguish it from normal Dr. Pepper. The more interesting product launch comes from Coca-Cola. It is called “Blak.” Sold in cardboard four-packs of 8 ounce bottles resembling the glass Coke bottles of yesteryear, the packaging does little to give away
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