Daily Archives 2006/05/30

Midas Touch

Categories: Beer, Wine and Spirits.

I found a new beer from Dogfish Head at CM this week. It’s called Midas Touch. This one fits Adam’s definition of “beer he doesn’t like”. That is, it is very fruity, and moderately hoppy. That being said, I challenge him to try one–he might change his tune on this one. It reminds me of some of the sweeter barleywines I have gotten into. Or maybe a west coast pale mixed in equal parts with mead and a fairly sweet muscat wine.

The story of this one is that the University of Pensylvania excavated a tomb in Turkey, which they think may be the tomb of the mythical King Midas. They found a set of drinking vessels with residue containing barley beer, honey, grapes, and saffron. Dogfish Head created a recipe inspired by this combination, and Midas Touch is the result. They call it a “Handcrafted Ancient Ale”. And it’s good. _Really_ good.

Now, I suspect that the residue of all those different things does not prove they were all in the mug at the same time. It may be that Midas had a sloppy dishwasher, and these were from different beverages. No matter; they are still good mixed together.

By the way, this is 9% ABV. That’s up there the low-middle end of wine territory, and you get 12 to 16 oz. at a time. It can sneak up on you pretty fast.