FedEx: Incompetence, Stupidity, or Insanity?

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I recently ordered an item from a company here in the Dallas area — Carrollton, to be precise. It’s just under 14 miles from their warehouse to my front door. On the 22nd, they gave me notice that the package had been made available to FedEx for delivery.

Past deliveries from this company have taken one day. I seem to recall them being UPS as well, but that might not be completely accurate.

This time around, though, it would appear that FedEx has collectively gotten into some powerful nose candy. After three days of no package, I decided to check with FedEx’s online tracking system:

This Is Your FexEx on Drugs.

Here’s where I need your help. Pull out a map of the US or a Globe. Now, starting from Carrollton Texas, draw a line to Dallas, Texas. On your map, how close does this line come to San Diego? When I run through this excercise, my answer is “about 1,300 miles.” Did you get something similar? The reason I ask is: that’s about 100 times further away than the box started in the first place. That’s a very counterintuitive direction to take my package.

FedEx claims that their ground service may take up to seven days — however, I always figured this was a statement of “we’ll get it there as soon as practical, which might be as long as seven days,” not “your package is entitled to a seven day tour of the United States, and we would be remiss were we to not grant it this vacation.”

On the plus side, it might have taken some nice vacation pictures for me. We’ll just have to wait — another four days — and see.


  1. We had a local hardware vendor (literally next door) FedEx us a board that travelled to us via Memphis. A gratuitous trip of nearly 4000 mi as the car drives, somewhat shorter on a GCR.

  2. Craig Stairs

    I know this is an old blog. However I worked for UPS and I can tell you they operate the same way with residential services. If you have a UPS account and your a business shipping to a business, typically your package will arrive as soon as possible. However if it’s a residential account, it will take as long as possible. For the most part your package will sit at ups hubs for days before it’ll even move. The service is not designed to be as soon as possible. You should consider looking at what your doing in the future though. More then likely you can subscribe a local courier to deliver your packages to you from the various close warehouses if these companies do not allow you to pick them up yourself. If FedEx/UPS started taking the fastest routes possibly people would then claim they are paying to much to have a package shipped from a to b. Same with the post office, go mail a letter from your house to your house, see if it goes through the system, it will.