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Restaurant Review: Chic from Barcelona

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This is probably only of interest to our Dallas readers, but Julie and I recently tripped across a restaurant in the north Dallas area that is really worth mentioning. It’s name is Chic from Barcelona. The owner, Rafa (who was quite friendly, and spoke with us as we showed up, after we finished eating, and as we were leaving) started a similar restaurant in Barcelona (which he still owns), and decided to take the concept to the US.

The menu is fairly focused, with only three main entrees (although many of the salads could pass for a meal with the addition of chicken). The dish from which the restaurant presumably takes its name is a rotisserie chicken with a mix of Spanish spices and a mild curry. It is served with roasted apples, basted in the same spices used on the chicken. The meat is roasted to the point of being very moist and flavorful.

The other dish we had was effectively a carpaccio of beef tenderloin sprinkled with a white truffle oil and whole green peppercorns, then broiled just long enough to meld the flavors without actually cooking the beef.

Both main courses came with crispy fried potatoes. I don’t usually eat potatoes, but these were tempting enough that I had to make an exception.

There’s also a cannelloni on the menu, although we didn’t try it.

They have an interesting selection of Spanish wines. We had the Vi├▒a Esmeralda with the meal, which is a mix of Gew├╝rztraminer and Muscat grapes. As you can probably surmise, it was a relatively sweet wine, with floral and grapefruit overtones. They also had a couple of sherries to go along with their desserts, including Lustau’s “San Emilio“, which was very sweet and had a strong flavor of raisins.

The ambiance was bright and colorful — stylish without being intimidating. Although we didn’t have the kids with us, it seemed well equipped to deal with children.

So, for you Dallas folks — or people visiting the area — I’d strongly encourage you to go check this place out. It’s just north of the Preston and Forest intersection, on the west side of Preston. It’s also quite reasonably priced — we had dinner for two, including salads, entrees, dessert (for one — Julie didn’t find anything she wanted for dessert), and wine (both with the meal and with dessert), and the whole bill came in right around the $60 mark (before taxes and tip).