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Immort Ale

Categories: Beer, Wine and Spirits.

Dogfishhead has done it again with another incredible seasonal ale. This time they tried to out-pun the Monty Python’s Holy Ale people with Immort Ale.

It’s on tap at the Addison Flying Saucer. It comes in small glasses. Flavor-wise, I would have guessed a barley-wine. It’s good, with a perfect balance of sweetness and hoppiness, with vanilla, maple syrup, and juniper berries. (Adam can pretend it’s gin.)

It’s a perfect followup to last year’s Midas Touch.

Un Elefante

Categories: Languages, neither-camelids-nor-goats, and Rants and Rambling.

In anticipation of an upcoming trip to Costa Rica, I dusted off my online membership for RosettaStone Spanish I. As usual when this happens, I have to start over at the beginning. This time I noticed something that I had not noticed before.

One of the very basic noun constructs is “Un Elefante“. So, how often have you run across un elefante in a Spanish speaking country?

Stepping our way to the panopticon…

Categories: Politics and Local Topics, Rants and Rambling, and United States of America.

OK, I admit that I can no longer count the times I’ve been waiting for a green light, see the opposing traffic slow and stop, have my light turn green and then see a car whizz past me through the light that just turned red. It’s stupid and dangerous (not to mention definitely a moving violation).

Some cities have begun using automated Red Light Cameras. Some of them have notable misconfigurations enhancing the ideas that it is merely all about revenue rather than safety. There are other devices besides only red-light monitors, and I just have to wonder if there are better ways.



Categories: Capsicum and Food.

Several of our dear readers will remember me referring to the “hottest dish I have ever been served at a restaurant” being something called a Lamb “Fall” at India Palace in Dallas. Of course, no one had ever heard of “fall” as a curry dish.

Well, I found it–it’s Phaal , not “fall.” And according to wikipedia, it’s either an entirely made up concoction from NYC, possibly intended to be used to punish inebriated customers, or perhaps Bangladeshi in origin.

Where ever it is from, it has to date come the closest of any chile-based dish to defeating me.