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The Gestalt of the Internet

The current big deal in Japan appears to be a musical animation of Oshiri Kajiri Mushi, or “Butt-Biting Bug”. It’s on youtube; I’ll let you find it yourself. Because that’s not the point of this post. I googled “butt biting bug” to see if I could find some background info. One site I found had no real info at all. But the Google ads on the page, in combination, were a work of accidental art that will probably not occur again: Official Bug Doctor Site (bug doctor for the PC.) Large, Round Booties (figure it out yourself.) Bug Beetles (huge
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iPhone: Who needs security?

There are an increasing number of jailbroken applications that can be loaded onto the iPhone — so many, in fact, that someone has thrown together a nifty package manager for installing and managing all of them. One of the more interesting things to do, of course, is run an SSH client so you can perform remote administration of other machines. Apparently, the installation of SSH from the package manager is a full-fledged OpenSSL install — including the server side of things. And yes, it does start up the SSH service. Combine this with the well-known passwords for both “root” and
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