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Darpa Preps Son of Robotic Mule

Wired writes about a DARPA project to upgrade the BigDog quadruped robot. This is basically a robotic pack mule. Be sure and watch the video–it’s both amazing and seriously creepy. At one point they demonstrate how the robot recovers when a guy tries to kick it over. It is so lifelike I had to suppress an indignant response to the cruel treatment of the robot. I wonder how long it will take for them to mount weapons on this and have it chase, uhm, rebel insurgents? Darpa Preps Son of Robotic Mule
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Homebrew Rocket Reaches Space

This is wicked cool. A 17 foot homebrew rocket phones home with this picture. Click through to read the details in the flickr comments. (Via Wired) Lots more details: Pyro Geek Hobbyists Experiment With Homebrew Rockets Edit: Lots of cool amateur rocketry pics in the same photoset.
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Restaurant Review: Cyclone Anaya

I remember Cyclone Anaya from my occasional day trips to Houston back in the college years. It was a rather down-scale Tex-Mex place with what I considered then, the second-best fajita’s in Houston. By down-scale, I mean metal-table Taco Cabana ambience, but with table service, a trendy menu, and a full bar. When I saw that one was opening in Addison, I had to try it. There is very little relation between this new version and the Cyclone Anaya of memory. This is not down-scale in any way–it is one of the fancier (and pricier) Tex-Mex places in the area.
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