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Darpa Preps Son of Robotic Mule

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Wired writes about a DARPA project to upgrade the BigDog quadruped robot. This is basically a robotic pack mule. Be sure and watch the video–it’s both amazing and seriously creepy. At one point they demonstrate how the robot recovers when a guy tries to kick it over. It is so lifelike I had to suppress an indignant response to the cruel treatment of the robot.

I wonder how long it will take for them to mount weapons on this and have it chase, uhm, rebel insurgents?

Darpa Preps Son of Robotic Mule

Restaurant Review: Cyclone Anaya

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I remember Cyclone Anaya from my occasional day trips to Houston back in the college years. It was a rather down-scale Tex-Mex place with what I considered then, the second-best fajita’s in Houston. By down-scale, I mean metal-table Taco Cabana ambience, but with table service, a trendy menu, and a full bar. When I saw that one was opening in Addison, I had to try it.

There is very little relation between this new version and the Cyclone Anaya of memory. This is not down-scale in any way–it is one of the fancier (and pricier) Tex-Mex places in the area. Think Mi Cocina or Cantina Laredo, not El Fenix. The menu had enough unusual items to distinguish it from those two. In particular, they have a number of fancy enchilada dishes.

Candace had their Lobster Enchiladas ($21), and said they were very good, except for the sauce being just a touch to salty. (We tend to like less salt than most people, so this is probably not a bad thing.)The lobster meet was tender, and, well, lobstery. My Enchiladas Anaya ($16, I think) were excellent–chicken enchiladas with a sweetish-smokey ancho chili and mushroom sauce. They were also available in beef. Both were served with Tex-Mex rice, and choice of beans (1 of 4 combinations of pinto or black, refried or soup)

They also have a very nice patio, which is always a plus for us.

The only real downside is that the drinks were pricy but just pretty good. Candace’s Mojito was okay, but does not compete with the best in the area in any way except for price ($12 for one.) I had their “perfect” Margarita: Patron Silver and Patron Citronage, but with a margarita mix no where near worthy of the liquors. A large was $14, and a small (read–really small) was $10.

The one other minor downside was that they have lots of TVs, and had the sound up for the football game in progress. The patio was free of TVs, but they had the sound from the game playing over their outside sound system. It was a Sunday after noon during peak game-time, so we realize, of course, that this would be a plus for a lot of people. I merely bring it up in protest of the trend over the last several years where every restaurant pretends to be a sports bar.

Don’t read too much into the down-sides. We enjoyed our meal immensely, and plan to go back.