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Incidental Sci-Fi music?

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OK, it’s been edited in post a bit by hand and the audio stretching tool programatically adds some harmonics, but that doesn’t change how neat it sounds to take a modem-sync conversation and stretch it by 700%:

I came upon this via Bad Astronomy: Slodem, but he originally got it from reddit

Stepping our way to the panopticon…

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OK, I admit that I can no longer count the times I’ve been waiting for a green light, see the opposing traffic slow and stop, have my light turn green and then see a car whizz past me through the light that just turned red. It’s stupid and dangerous (not to mention definitely a moving violation).

Some cities have begun using automated Red Light Cameras. Some of them have notable misconfigurations enhancing the ideas that it is merely all about revenue rather than safety. There are other devices besides only red-light monitors, and I just have to wonder if there are better ways.


Good rum from a tequila company!

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I was happily sharing some of my finer spirits with some friends recently and they asked for a reference on one of them. The beverage of note is the Planters Gold Pyrat XO Rum.

When I went to find some good web-references for it, I found the expected back-stories (all consistent, leaving no sources that might hint at how romanticized the story may be):

Then following that 2nd one to their source I got the susprise that showed this favorite sipping rum of mine is now owned by the Patron comany, makers of the finest of Tequilas:

Yum! Enjoy.


Ben got some of the newest batch that actually has the Patron URL on the label. This new batch definitely does not have either the depth of flavor nor the smoothness of the older bottles I had. Hopefully this is either an unusual problem with just that bottle or is a short-term setback.

Update #2:

I am passing this on from Ben:

Rum review site. They like the Pyrat a lot:

Update #3:

Ben again: hopefully he might provide a bit more publicly visible insight as he has had a chance to visit the distillery. Plus, a tip-o-the-hat to Roger, were you searching the web for sites that reference yours or good rum? *grin*

Immortality within 25 years?

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RjS and I were chatting about cancer and various other biologic ailments and that brought to mind a gentleman I read about a while back by the name of Aubrey de Grey.

As the articles say, he is a Computer Scientist that hasn’t taken a biology class since he was 15 years old. Never-the-less, he decided he wanted to put an end to aging, for himself and others. As part of the process, he now holds a doctorate in biology (from Cambridge, still without taking any biology classes), and has become one of the most renouned and respcted gerontology and senescence scientists around.

As part of his attempt to “cure” aging, he has identified 7 different factors which, if solutions are found, might allow indefinite life-spans.

“I think it’s reasonable to suppose that one could oscillate between being biologically 20 and biologically 25 indefinitely.”
— Aubrey de Grey

Weird and interesting stuff, for one of the multiple articles on him, see: The Prophet of Immortality