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“It just works” – yeah right

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Sometimes I just don’t get the apple(computer) universe.

I loved my PPC laptop – almost anything I tried that was anywhere close to a mainstream use just worked. I could wave my hands at the machine and mutter vaguely and the result I wanted just happened.

I waited for awhile after the Intel macs came out so they could work out the “first run” bugs. I got a very nice Intel laptop just before the new year. It compiles things much faster, and for the most part runs the apps I need to run more effectively, BUT:

This thing is _far_ less stable than my PPC version and I find myself losing 10s of minutes a day (sometimes up to 6 of those) to getting it to do what I want to do.

– The wireless card and driver quality is _far_ below what I’d become used to. Connection management intrudes on my life daily now.

– It randomly (usually after being up for a day or more) refuses to sleep. I’d gotten so used to this “just working” that I got out of the habit of looking. My new laptop’s already had a really hot ride in my bag.

– I use a bonjour connection to a printer in the office. On the PPC version this was really stable. On this box, 1 time out of 3 that I try to print, it doesn’t “Just work”. (The most frustrating version of failure involves it deciding to use a different driver than it did last time – resulting in pages of “that’s not my printer language” showing up on the printer.

I’m watching my friends and coworkers (many of whom have new intel macbooks or macbook pros) going through similar pain, and I am alarmed at how quickly the “wave the chicken at windows” behaviors are becoming ingrained. The nice thing about OS/X (up to now) is that you didn’t have to have chickens – you could look at logs and figure out what was going wrong and _FIX_ it in the very rare situation when things didn’t “just work”. Those same logs are very silent on the above problems.

I’ve been moving my family and my lifestyle machines (I have a mac pro now too, and I _really_ like it when I’m not trying to print to freeBSD CUPS ipp queues). I am beginning to dread the probability of a new stream of family support issues that I can’t address without giving hours over to it. In particular, my boasts of the last couple of years about how living on a mac really lowers your frustration-with-the-machine pain are ringing hollow in their ears.

Apple – you are letting me down.

How did this happen?

Playing Chicken

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copied here in case it goes away:

By HOLLY YAN / The Dallas Morning News

Dead and wandering chickens closed all of westbound Interstate 30 just before First Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

A tractor-trailer hauling chickens and crates overturned about noon, Dallas police Senior Cpl. Jamie Matthews said. Some chickens died from the wreck, while others wandered about.

Cpl. Matthews estimated about 2 p.m. that the mess could be cleaned up before the late-afternoon rush hour.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was not seriously injured. No other vehicles were involved, and investigators were trying to determine how the truck overturned.

Police did not know why the chickens crossed the interstate.

It gets weirder than you _can_ think

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Every year the great State of Texas holds a huge State Fair.

There’s a lot to make this fair unique, but one of the more extreme traditions is finding the wildest fried thing they can convince people to pay money for, and sometimes even eat.

At this point, you’re probably thinking fried twinkie, fried oreo, fried pork rinds, but no – those are left for the mundane, unimaginative fairs of other states and countries.

Here, folks compete for wierd. Last year you could get a fried peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich. One of the winners was fried macaroni and cheese. It was getting so strange that I was able to convince several of my friends from Canuckistan that they were serving fried butter-flavored Crisco on a stick. I’ve felt a little guilty about that, figuring they’d learn otherwise and never trust my stories again, but this year’s state fair bailed me out. I’m going to tell them about this, and they’re not going to believe me. It will be mighty sweet when the press backs me up…

There are two major winners in this years contest. One is (IMHO) a little lame: fried pralines. I don’t know why they let that one in – it has a chance of actually being good. The other though….

Fried Coca Cola

No, you read that right. Really. Fried Coke. Don’t believe me? Read the news. I’m completely floored, and no I am NOT going to go try some.

I figure next year they’ll try frying these. Fried stick.         um…, on a stick!

SIP Community members change names to Alan

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In the continuing effort to maximize inscrutability, key participants in the SIP community today announced a blanket renaming to “Alan”.

According to Alan Roach, “Almost every conversation I’ve had in the last year or so has been peppered with annoying interjections of ‘which Alan?’ or ‘Alan who?’. These interruptions slow the conversation, often to the point of derailing it”.

Alan Campbell adds “I’ve always felt the legacy-Alans suffered an unfair disadvantage in both written and verbal discussions in the SIP community. This move levels the playing field.”

Alan Camarillo was unavailable for interview, but responded to an initial query e-mail with “I’m not following you”. Other prominent Alans were overheard saying “This is a really dumb idea”, and “That doesn’t bother me at all”.

“Furthermore,” Alan said, “this will help filter out all those crazy ideas that Alan guy keeps proposing.”

Rumors of the formation of the OAIPL (original Alan identity preservation league) have so far been unsubstantiated.


Get out your chapstick

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So, there’s a cold front coming. Figured I’d look at the map.

First thing I notice is El Paso. damn that’s dry – thats like 11% RH.

Then I saw Pheonix.

My skin is still crawling across the room.

The way it was: 2/8/06 10pm CST