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Gig-E, Screen Sharing, and Screen Sharing (Don’t try this at home)

Recursive Screen Sharing (After a minute or so, the switch turned off the port connected to the laptop…) Addendum: Today (22Dec), Byron, Phil, and I attempted VNC-doom: 3 laptops, 1 gigabit-ethernet switch, and an attempt at a full 3-way mesh of screen sharing. We found bugs. Lots of annoying little bugs. The most entertaining/frustrating version was inducing one-way visibility in the clients. So we didn’t get the full-mesh going today, but we got some really pretty pictures from having two loops running at once. Maybe after a round or two of bug fixing (if reports have any effect), we’ll give
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BBC Interview with Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat has been responsible for some of the best “new” Doctor Who episodes. He will take over as show runner after the current season. From a recent BBC interview: Asked about his reputation for writing scary episodes he said: ‘If people are worried that because I’m taking over Doctor Who it’s going to be just really, really frightening, if that’s your concern then… tough.’ This bodes well. Well indeed!
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BVI Bareboat Cruising (Part 2)

In my Bareboat Cruising Class post from a few days back, I promised a followup post about the boat itself. This is that post, along with some general travel notes. The Boat Salaway was a Moorings 494. In any other context, it would be better known as a Jeanneau Sun Oddessy 49.4. She was a good boat in general, and handled very well both under sail and power. Like any charter boat, it was configured with more cabins and heads than the boat was really designed for–in this case, 2 double berth cabins, 2 1.5 V-berth cabins, and 4 heads.
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Star Trek: The Experience Closing in Vegas

Star Trek: The Experience Closing in Vegas Several of us visited this during the SIP interim meetings in Vegas several years ago. I was fairly impressed, particularly with the “ride” that simulated a transporter in a way that almost made me suspend disbelief. As the article mentioned, it was a nice “geek-friendy” break in a town that is not particularly friendly to non-gamblers. J.J. Abrams, we’re counting on you to make things right again.
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The Gestalt of the Internet

The current big deal in Japan appears to be a musical animation of Oshiri Kajiri Mushi, or “Butt-Biting Bug”. It’s on youtube; I’ll let you find it yourself. Because that’s not the point of this post. I googled “butt biting bug” to see if I could find some background info. One site I found had no real info at all. But the Google ads on the page, in combination, were a work of accidental art that will probably not occur again: Official Bug Doctor Site (bug doctor for the PC.) Large, Round Booties (figure it out yourself.) Bug Beetles (huge
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End of Internet Radio?

The US Copyright Royalty board has approved a per-performance royalty regime for internet streaming. Per-performance means they pay royalties for every _listener_ for each song they play, retroactive to 2006. This puts a far greater burden on internet streaming radio than on conventional radio. In many (most?) cases, the new royalty requirements are greater than the revenue of the stations. I am a big fan of Radio Paradise. I’ve listened to them for years, and contributed several times. They have posted an essay on the subject. Of course, there is an easy fix for this. Move offshore. And laugh while
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