Best SVN log entry ever

I’m doing some repository hygiene at the moment, and tripped across this log message: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r7282 | bcampen | 2006-12-21 11:18:11 -0600 (Thu, 21 Dec 2006) | 1 line Checkingstuffinbecausemyspacebarhasstoppedworking(thankgoodnessforcommandlinehistory) ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Kicking Myself…

… for forgetting that my new iPhone will do video until the moment was past. I pulled into our alley tonight at 9:38 CDT, to the sight of a family of raccoons running directly towards my car, until they had an attack of good sense and turned and ran the other direction. By other direction, I mean straight back down the alley so that I could follow slowly and keep them in my headlights for a good 90 seconds. By family, I mean 1 adult (I assume mom) and 5, count them, 5, juveniles. Mind you, I was in the
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Rotten Brains

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on times past. Back in September of 1997, when the media found out about the various transmissible spongiform encephalopathies that can arise from eating neural material of infected animals, CNN ran a story specifically about the eating of squirrel brains as a delicacy in certain southern US states. The best part is the graphic they ran along with the story, which helpfully points out what part of the squirrel one should avoid eating: Have a pleasant new year, and watch out for those squirrels.
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The Gestalt of the Internet

The current big deal in Japan appears to be a musical animation of Oshiri Kajiri Mushi, or “Butt-Biting Bug”. It’s on youtube; I’ll let you find it yourself. Because that’s not the point of this post. I googled “butt biting bug” to see if I could find some background info. One site I found had no real info at all. But the Google ads on the page, in combination, were a work of accidental art that will probably not occur again: Official Bug Doctor Site (bug doctor for the PC.) Large, Round Booties (figure it out yourself.) Bug Beetles (huge
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Un Elefante

In anticipation of an upcoming trip to Costa Rica, I dusted off my online membership for RosettaStone Spanish I. As usual when this happens, I have to start over at the beginning. This time I noticed something that I had not noticed before. One of the very basic noun constructs is “Un Elefante“. So, how often have you run across un elefante in a Spanish speaking country?
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