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Open Source SigComp Project Launched

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SigComp, an IETF-developed technology for compression of signalling messages, is considered important for certain wireless SIP applications (notably push-to-talk, although its application to other applications is getting some attention as well).

The Open SigComp project web site launched last week. The purpose of this project is to produce and maintain an open source SigComp stack. Not only will this assist in research and prototyping work around the SigComp protocol, but it should also help in the continued development of the SigComp protocol within the IETF.

A Very Damp IETF Meeting

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I just returned home after a failed attempt to reach the IETF hotel. IETF 65 is planned to take place in the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. Problem is, much of the area between I-35E and the east levee of the Trinity River is flooded this evening. The Anatole is smack dab in the middle of it.

I spent several hours probing for routes to the hotel. In a Miata. Dean got in in his monster truck. I tried to follow his route, but the police closed it right before I got through.

I did witness some strange things, though. Lots of people were arriving via taxi, and were getting out on the freeway. There was a line of people fording the access road, carrying bags on their heads and everything. That will teach me to carry my camera in the trunk where I can’t reach it.

The odd thing is, I have lived in the Dallas area since 1987. It’s common to have heavy rains in the spring, and I’ve seen flooding before. But I’ve never seen _this_ much flooding even after weeks of spring rain. And typically not much at all in that area of town.

That’s it for tonight. I will try again in the morning. Fortunately, my neighborhood has very good flood control.

Fashion Police are Alive and Well

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… in North Korea

Of particular interest to IETFers are comments that long hair consumes lots of nutrition that could otherwise be used by your brain. I assume the conclusion they want you to draw is that long hair makes you stupid. I also enjoyed the statement that bad shoe choices can “downgrade your personality.”

Maybe the IETF’s perpetual state of emergency could be solved by a surprise attack of special forces barbers in Minneapolis.

A Good Day for VoIP Standards

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Today, we saw the publication of three interesting RFCs. RFC3966, provides a long-needed update to the definition of “tel:” URLs; in particular, it cleans up some issues regarding the use of tel: URLs in SIP.

The second and third are even more exciting: RFCs 3951 and 3952, which define a low-bitrate codec for general-purpose internet use, and an RTP payload to carry that codec, respectively. Hats off to the crew at GIPS who made this happen. Now, let’s go out and make it the codec that’s used on the internet. I look forward to the day when iLBC use exceeds that of G.711.

Post IETF Poll: Who Else Got the Crud?

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So, I’ve got a headache, heat congestion, chest congestion, and a mild fever; this started late Wednesday, and has blossomed into a full “I can’t function” cold today. Ben reports similar symptoms in his household, which points to DC as a potential vector.

So, just for trend charting, who else went to DC and got the crud?

Passing Observation: for some reason, when I’m just on the cusp of hallucinating, I appear to feel compelled to send e-mail and/or blog.

Edit: Add “Intestinal Distress” to the list of symptoms. Ugh.